Building Tech-Driven and People-Enhanced Next Gen SOC

As cybercriminals are becoming more advanced and the cost of cybercrimes is increasing over time, organizations want to have a deeper look at what they are doing today to guard against cyberattacks. The Cyber Security Practice of Tata Advanced Systems Limited completely acknowledges the situation and is constantly helping businesses to protect their brand identity and intellectual property through “Martial” – Next Gen SOC.

We provide next-level assurance of protection and security in a world where cyber-attacks can now affect almost every aspect of our lives both personally and professionally. Martial transforms the cyber defence of your organization and delivers tactical and strategic capabilities to security teams to quickly identify, analyze and respond to security threats. With a powerful vision like an eagle, it provides real-time insights to organizations and aids understand what is happening inside their security landscape.

Based on our seven-pillar approach, we help organizations to have a 360-degree view of their security posture and respond to threats before they inflict any damage.

Let’s have a look at the seven pillars of our approach.

  • Prevent by Threat Anticipation
  • Threat Detection/Discovery
  • Investigate
  • Response or Containment
  • Remediate/Recover
  • Assess
  • Security Awareness


  1. Prevent by threat Anticipation

The great unknown can be downright terrifying in the world of cybersecurity as it could bring an organization to its knees.  At TASL, our cybersecurity experts collect data from multiple threat intel feeds, then analyze the collected data to prioritize the threats and figure out for which threats we need to prepare now. The analyzed data helps organizations to optimize their threat detection and response capabilities.

Our Threat Anticipation Service uses Global Threat Intel feeds, Vulnerability Advisories, Brand Monitoring, Social Media & Darkweb Monitoring to detect new threats, correlate their impact on assets within your infrastructure and network, and to proactively raise your defence against the emerging threats.

  1. Threat Detection/Discovery

We help detect known threats in real-time using sophisticated rules & correlations with Big Data, EDR, UEBA, PAM, WAF and Next Gen Firewall for real-time correlation, to determine what passes for normal behaviour, and to auto-detect and immobilize suspicious activities before they spread.

We discover evasive threats with the help of the AI & ML cyber analytics platform. We deploy skilled threat hunters for detecting anomaly-based threats like zero-day & targeted attacks, lateral movement, malware, watering hole attack, data exfiltration, etc.

  1. Investigate          

We perform an in-depth analysis on threats, impact on assets, and blast radius with the help of AI & ML analytics platform to provide complete story by correlating different incidents of multiple security tools & solutions, along with historical data/behavior & pattern for each alert with one click, and score-based triage for prioritizing the most critical alerts.

  1. Response or containment

Post-breach confirmation, the first thing required is to limit the attack to prevent further damage. We quickly implement effective countermeasures to curb the impact of the breach or attack. Particularly, automated platforms are employed to contain the attack with a single click.

  1. Remediate/Recover

Post-containment, our security analysts provide a permanent fix that might include reconfiguring systems, patch application, reconstructing application architecture, etc. to safeguard the infected assets from future attacks.

We evict attackers and eradicate threats with automation and use of multiple playbooks to quickly remediate and recover swiftly, and advance your defence from learning.

  1. Assess

A constant VAPT exercise, 24x7 SOC monitoring with the combination of automated platforms & highly skilled Team, is the need of the hour to have a complete purview of security posture, new and existing vulnerabilities before anything else, as well as to take informed actions either by patching or creating a rule against identified vulnerabilities.

  1. Security Awareness

“You are as secure as your weakest link.”

Humans are considered to be the weakest link in the information security chain. According to a report, 78% of security professionals think that the biggest threat to endpoint security is the negligence among employees for security practices.

The need of the hour for organizations of all shapes and sizes is to give a constant general & targeted security awareness training to all their employees. We, at TASL, provide in-depth training to all the employees to increase the awareness of ever-increasing attack vectors. We conduct regular assessments of employees to minimize cyber risk significantly.

Why Choose TASL?

  • Unrivaled customer satisfaction
  • Rich experience of serving multiple verticals
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Increased ROI
  • Technology-agnostic approach