Legal Disclaimer

Tata Advanced Systems Limited is committed to ensuring the integrity of information and data pertaining to its business, customers, vendors and other third parties and to take suitable steps required to secure electronic communications with its stakeholders.

Towards this end, we would request all our customers, vendors, employees, consultants and business partners to note that Tata Advanced Systems Limited uses only the following domains viz. tataadvancedsystems.com and tasl.aero for all official email communications. Tata Advanced Systems Limited does not use any other domain for its official communications. Accordingly, we would like to caution all our stakeholders against communicating with any individual purporting to be an employee of Tata Advanced Systems Limited from a domain other than those mentioned above.

We, Tata Advanced Systems Limited, will not be responsible for any loss or injury caused to any person arising out of communications attributed to us, unless they emanate from one of the above domains.

If you receive any email communication from any deceptively similar domain name or are in receipt of any suspicious mail in the name of Tata Advanced Systems Limited, the same may be promptly reported to us over reportissue@tataadvancedsystems.com .

Please also note that we may put in place, additional protocols or make other changes to the way we communicate with you over email from time-to-time with a view to ensure and enhance security of electronic communications. In such cases, we will endeavour to be keep you apprised about such changes.

We earnestly solicit your co-operation as above, in order to help us ensure integrity of information and facilitate secure communications with our stakeholders.

Thank You.

Tata Advanced Systems Limited