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Indigenous development and manufacturing of Radar systems and subsystems is one of the main strategic thrust areas of TATA group. Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. (TASL) was created with a mandate to create necessary infrastructure and technology base for Radar systems with technology acquisition through partnerships with leading OEMs as well as with in-house development.

Within a span of six years, TASL has made significant advances towards this goal and is now poised to play a significant role in the field.

Radar Subsystem Development and Manufacture

TASL has already established a state-of-art 14000 sq ft manufacturing facility at Hyderabad. The facility comprises of modem assembly and testing (including environmental testing) equipment for manufacture of microwave modules (passive and active) and subsystem using surface mount and hybrid technologies. Some of the modules and subsystems being manufactured, are being supplied to Indian Defence forces as well as development programs of DRDO include :

  • S band dual TR module (under mass production)
  • S/L band down-up converter
  • 1-18 Ghz front end amplifier
  • Ku band power amplifier
  • L band power amplifier

Radar Systems

TASL has drawn up strategic plans with the vision to be a leading private enterprise for development and manufacture of Radar systems for the Indian Defence and Paramilitary forces .The systems that TASL plans to take up in the near future include state of the art Radars with high end technology such as Active Phased Arrays in the following areas:

  • Land based Air Surveillance and Fire Control Radar
  • Surface and Air Surveillance Radars for ship borne and coast guard applications
  • Ground Surveillance Radars for border surveillance

TASL is approaching its vision with a three-fold strategy participation in Radar procurement programs, strategic technology partnerships with leading global Radar manufacturers and establishment of modern manufacturing and development facilities.

Participation in Radar Procurement Programs

TASL is currently participating in the following indigenous Radar procurement programs of Indian Defence forces under Indian Defence procurement guidelines:

  • X band Surface Surveillance Radar for the Indian Navy
  • 3-D L band Radar for Indian Navy and High Power Radar program of Indian Air Force
  • S band Air Surveillance Radar for Indian Air Force and Indian Navy
  • Border Surveillance Radar

Technology Partners

TASL has entered into strategic partnerships with world renowned Radar manufacturers. The partnerships incorporate the following key features

  • Joint participation in indigenous procurement programs
  • Technology transfer in accordance with Defence procurement guidelines
  • Establishment of development and manufacturing facility
  • Extension of local facilities for OEMs global programs

Some partnerships already under way include:

  • TERMA A/S Denmark: TERMA is a world leader in X band naval and coastal surveillance radars and TERMA is partnering with TASL for surface surveillance radar for the Indian Navy. The partnership envisages full Transfer of Technology
  • Thales Nederland: Thales Nederland is the Dutch arm of Thales International. Thales Nederland and TASL are jointly proposing radars based on Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) for various requirements of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force