Optronics » Electro-Optics Facility

TASL has established an electro-optics facility capable of assembly , integration and testing of a range of EO systems.

Key highlights being :

  • 13000 sq. ft. facility with clean room of class 100,000
  • Assembly work for gimbals using MEMs and Fiber Optics based Gyros
  • Certified and trained manpower
  • Successfully execution of Built to Print offset work for a global OEMs


  • Line Of Sight (LOS) station
    LOS station to test and align EO payload having CCD & IR camera and LRF
  • Non Uniformity Conformance (NUC) Station
    NUC Station to calibrate and correct pixels in IR camera in temp. ranges of 5º C to 40º C.
  • Function Test Station
    Function Test Station to perform the functionality test on the payload


Clean Room

A total built up area of 2000 sq ft with
   - Air Cleanliness : Class E (100,000)
   - Air Pressure : 2 mm Hg
   - Humidity : Max 60 % Min 40 %
   - Temp : 220 C ± 2° C.
Vibration Machine

   - Sinosuidal and Random Mode
   - Frequency Range 5Hz-3000Hz
   - Max acceleration (g) value 100g
   - Max. Displacement 25.4mm (peak-peak)
Thermal Chamber

   - Temperature Range of -60°C to +200°C
   - Maximum Rate of change VC/minute.
   - Temperature control Programmable, with logging facility using PC.