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Night Vision Devices (NVDs) is one of the areas of strategic interest for Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL). TASL has entered into a partnership with Exelis Inc., the world leader in Generation 3 Image Intensification (II) based NVDs, to manufacture and supply these systems to Indian Defence market. These systems will enable the security forces to achieve Battle Field Transparency even under low ambient light conditions and night, thereby significantly enhancing night operations. As part of our drive towards achieving indigenisation, TASL has set up a production facility in India, for assembly and manufacture of sub-assemblies and complete systems.

Types of NVDs

TASL provides a range of NVDs, which will enhance the situational awareness in the tactical battle space. These NVDs are based on designs that have been successfully used by Defence and Security forces across the world in theatres ranging from urban environments to dense forests. Manufactured in partnership with Exelis Inc. at our facility in Noida, TASL offers the following devices based on Gen-3 Image Intensification Technology:

  • Night Vision Monoculars
  • Night Vision Binoculars
  • Bi-ocular Night Vision Devices
  • Aviation Night Vision Goggles

Exelis Inc

Exelis Inc. is the leading manufacturer of night vision systems for the U.S. armed and allied forces, producing more Third Generation (Gen-3) night vision devices per year than all of its competitors—worldwide—combined. Exelis has manufactured more than 65 percent of the U.S. military’s Gen 3 equipment, and have delivered more than one million Gen 3 image intensifier tubes.

Exelis’ achievements are the result of more than 50 years’ experience in all phases of night vision research, development, production and support. They have pioneered the development and production of the Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Gen 3 image intensifier tube during the early ‘80s and have since delivered more than 10,00,000 systems to customers worldwide. NVDs by Exelis are human-engineered for long wearing comfort and can be hand-held or helmet-mounted or head-strap mounted for hands-free operations.

Key features

  • Long life and Reliability of Image Intensifier tube upto 10,000 hrs of operations
  • High resolution, high luminous gain, and very high photo-response in visible and near infrared spectrum
  • Variable gain control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions
  • Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and Bright Source Protection functions to manage rapid changes in scene brightness
  • Multifunctional (hand-held, head/helmet/weapon mounted)
  • Flip-up/down capability
  • Individual eye adjustment, Tilt, vertical and fore-aft adjustments
  • Powerful IR illuminator with wide or narrow beam capability
  • Greater depth perception for off-road driving and high speed navigation at sea

Advantages of Gen-3 over Gen-2 Night Vision devices

  • Reliability: Upto 10,000 hrs of high performance operational life resulting in lower life-cycle cost
  • Photo-response: Gallium Arsenide cathode providing better photo-response for target recognition in starlight conditions.
  • Luminous Gain: Advanced Micro-Channel Plate with ion-barrier film for greater luminous gain.
  • High Light Control Functions: Rapidly adapt to changing brightness levels regardless of “auto-gating”.
  • Cosmetic standards: Reduced spots and image defects than Gen-2 tubes.
  • Environmental stability: Survive higher storage temperatures due to improved image intensifier tube housing material.

Training, Repairs, Maintenance and After Sales Support

In addition to manufacture and supply of Night Vision Devices, TASL will provide on-site training to the operators as well as maintenance personnel of NVD customers to ensure optimal exploitation of these state of the art systems and maximum availability to the warfighter. Furthermore, TASL will ensure best in class after sales support to its customers backed by the legendary Tata Guarantee of Trust.