Missile Systems » Mission Control Centre for Missile Defence

Missile Systems is a key focus area for TASL group and it aims to be the leading Indian private player complementary to the public sector and supplementing the DRDO efforts. 

TASL has demonstrated its capability, both commercial and technical, by successfully winning major orders for systems against established players and thereafter to meet key milestones as required by the customer (DRDO).

Key Programs

TASL and its subsidiaries are currently participating in development of sub-systems for 3 major Indian Missile programs for Indian Defence forces

  • Design & Manufacture of Combat Management Systems (CMS) for Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) program
  • Design & Manufacture of Mission Control centers (MCC) for Missile Defence program
  • Precision part manufacturing such as Rocket motor casing, Control fins & Thrust Vector control systems with additional focus on Actuators, Delay electronics, wiring Harness etc.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities and competencies offered by TASL in Missile Domain are :

  • Production facilities for High Precision and critical mechanical parts for missiles article, Electronics modules to sensor Integration facility for Radar, EO, C2
  • systems and Missile System integration
  • MIL STD 810 D adhering testing facilities for Environmental Stress Screening
  • Engineering Centre to expand into missile subsystem design to increase the indigenous content and reengineering requirements
  • IPC trained work force and Skilled team with domain expertise in Missile Systems
  • Development of indigenous systems like stabilized Gimbals, Video/ Image Processing and Autopilot sub- systems for related applications
  • Holder of Industrial licence for Missile Systems

Key Areas of Missile Systems

TASL in partnership with OEMs would be able to offer complete integration of Missile for airborne , maritime or land based platforms to meet the requirements of Indian Defence Forces and global markets.TASL, through in-house design & development efforts and partnerships with global OEMs, addresses the following key areas of missile systems:

Surveillance System Integration
Integration of sensors like Surveillance Radars( Air borne, Ground based or Ship Based), Electro-optics sensor (having Day and Night capabilities with laser range finder ) for receiving the threat perception and target details.

Mission Control Centers
Design, development & integration of Mission control centers enabling situational awareness and tactical decision making beyond Line of Sight areas with the key deliverables like

  • Trailer and shelter based MCC hardened for HEMP , EMI/EMC and BC events
  • Scalable, reliable & secure communications for voice, video and data services.
  • Multi-Layer, fail safe communication link over Satellite, Line of sight, Leased line and Optical fibres
  • Ruggedized Gateways provide interoperability with radios operating in different frequency

Missile Article Manufacturing and Integration

  • Limited series production & assembly of critical Mil-grade flight worthy missile components such as Rocket motor casing, Control fins & Thrust Vector control systems
  • Undertaking QT (Qualification Test) and AT (acceptance Test ) with in-house MIL 810 D based Test facility like Vibration , Thermal chambers for integration check.
  • Expertise gained based on operations of Electro-optics facility can sustain easy transition to manufacturing of the Seeker assembly.