Physical Security

Physical Security is an area of increasing importance for the nation. An inadequate focus on security can be a significant risk to critical assets, infrastructure, and people. It also has a considerable impact on our economy & the overall security of the country.

The physical security market in India is a strategic focus area for Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL). With a beginning in 2010 to addresses the physical security market in India TASL`s "Cyber and Physical Security" Division has dedicated resources to address this segment

TASL offers innovative technology solutions in areas of Critical Infrastructure, Border and Base protection, Urban Security and Surveillance, Transportation, Law enforcement and for ensuring adequate preparedness for Natural Disasters.

TASL deploys state-of-the-art Integrated Security Solutions managed by advanced data fusion techniques, which collect, collate and analyses very large, seemingly innocuous data to generate actionable, predictive intelligence for protection of various types of public and private assets. Our Solution also provides Unified Situational Awareness Picture (USAP) through centralized Command and Control (C&C) System. TASL also undertake Security Consultancy and Security Audits.


TASL has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and operating large-scale security projects. We offer customers comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments, as well as a modular suite of tailored services, including consulting, system design and integration, training and operations.

Security Advisory

A full spectrum of services including Security audit & assessment, Mitigation strategies, Future security architecture, Design of integrated security solution and guidelines for implementation.

Comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments are essential in validating and upgrading the security posture of organizations. TASL uses a multidisciplinary approach for Threat Assessment to look at security from every angle- from the physical environment to the human element to the role of technology.

Effective security starts with an in-depth understanding of the vulnerabilities. TASL can help gauge an organization`s strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios, from facility security to executive protection. Not only do we bring decades of experience to our assessments, our leading experts can also help organizations anticipate potential sources of new threats.

Systems Integration & Implementation

An end-to-end approach towards Systems Integration that includes Planning, Solution Design, Procurement & Supply, Implementation and Commissioning of turnkey projects in a timebound manner by adhering to best practices in Project Management, Safety Standards, Quality Assurance, Security Concepts, and Operational Procedures within prescribed budget considerations. TASL holds an in-depth expertise in executing large-scale Turnkey Security Projects using Advanced Technology and Physical Platforms, which requires multiple disparate solution systems to be integrated into one platform to provide a real time situation awareness.

The outcome of such engagements provides customers complete information for detection, identification and interception of threats, security lapses by collecting and analyzing information in the command and control platform from various security solution systems (Intrusion Detection, Access Management, Surveillance etc). This is achieved through classification of the alerts and response to potential security events on a real time basis.

Training & Change Management

TASL helps organizations in planning and managing the change, a security solution deployment brings about both in terms of human and procedural aspects. We help customers create an environment for successful change through organizational change management services (OCM Services) which includes training of different skills of people

We partner with customers design and executive the change management plan to facilitate the quick realization of their business objectives prior to the go-live of the deployed security solution. A training plan is built depending on the number and types of users and the training is imparted to acclimatize the employees with the solution to enable easy adoption and full utilization of the benefits the solution offers.

Operations & Maintenance

TASL fully understands that long term success of any project is contingent on early adoption with proper understanding of solution capabilities along with proper maintenance and monitoring of the deployed solution on a regular basis.

TASL offers services for operations and maintenance of a deployed security solution for the duration of its useful life which may include L1, L2 and L3 support with deployment of dedicated trained resources, pre-scheduled preventive maintenance and warranty support. The customers can chose from variety of options depending on their needs i.e. from issue based support to comprehensive annual maintenance arrangements on a turnkey basis depending on desired service levels (SLA`s).


Industrial Protection

We offer a multi-layered security approach that facilitates management & protection of critical assets, operational systems, hazardous materials and products.

Our solutions are modular and easily adaptable to rapid changes within an industrial environment ensuring the protection and well being of employees, operational facilities, and the surrounding community.

Urban Security

Our Urban Security platform supports multi-agency collaboration and information sharing by utilizing visual sensors equipped with advanced video analytics, dedicated CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives) detectors, as well as data from participating citizens who deliver real-time information via tools such as smart phones.

Our solution empowers law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials to take effective and timely action to provide city residents with a safe and secure urban environment.


We provide integrated security solutions for protection of airports, seaports and urban & national rail networks against any threat of terrorist attack, sabotage or theft.

Utilizing advanced data collection and analysis from various sensors , our solution creates a Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP) that reflects the "real world," providing authorities with dynamic alerts and recommendations that enhance the effective management of transportation hubs.

Border Management and Base Protection

We have deep technology expertise in providing complete Border Management / Military Base protection solutions including site surveys, threat assessment, smart fences, surveillance and proactive alarm management.

Our solutions protect borders and bases against any threats, illegal incursions and ensuring timely alerts for Quick reaction team to avert the threat - while simultaneously collecting and updating associated information for intelligent use by national authorities.

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