Tata Advanced Systems has extensive experience in development of Fire Control System for Armoured Vehicles for new platforms as well as retrofitments. The solution integrates with the Gunner’s Main Sight, Commander’s Panoramic sight and Gun Stabilizer to perform fire-on-the-move lead angle generation for precision target engagement. The Fire Control Computer (FCC) for Indian weapon systems including tanks have been developed indigenously which perform Ballistic Computation based on various environmental parameters such as Temperature, Pressure, Wind and Type of Ammunition. Apart from the Ballistic Computation, the systems also perform the task of ammunition selection, hunter-killer mode switching, sequencing for ATGM Firing, Safety Interlocking, Fire Gate generation and Auto Target Tracking (ATT). The hardware is based on long service life components such as specialized DSP’s and processors keeping in mind the longevity of these platforms.


Tata Advanced Systems has upgraded AAES to the latest Bus Standard VPX and processor for futuristic use as an Integrated Automotive Vetronics solution for Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

Salient Features

Auto-transmission capability by controlling the tank’s engine and transmission systems
Integrated Electronic Touch screen Dashboard with multi-page configuration
Sensor monitoring in hull to initiate necessary control logic
Complete automotive lighting on the hull using new generation LED lamps and also its control logic
Power distribution to subsystems like Fire Suppression System, NVDs, Inter Vehicle Starting Socket etc.
Online data logging and BITE capability for analysis of Automotive Trial Performance.
Wireless data transfer between Hull & Turret.
Electronic Hull Log Book (eHLB) in the turret.

Other Weapon Systems


The indigenously designed and developed ATAGS is a world beating 155/52mm Artillery Gun, that is demonstrating class leading performance and is undergoing extensive testing with the Indian Army.

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Our self-powered and fully automated electro-mechanical launching systems can be mounted on specialised high performance trailers and have proven themselves during operational service in all-weather.

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