Radar Systems

With the armed forces increasingly preferring Multi-Function Radars, Tata Advanced Systems views a long term and emerging opportunity to partner with global OEMs for ToT, in-house technology development of critical hardware and software modules like TRMs, Digital Beam Former, Computer-based Tracking, Target Classifications, Radar Simulators etc.

We also plan to undertake ToT from DRDO labs in this arena and are actively invested in the development of infrastructure to manufacture, integrate and test these complex systems which is also underway.


In TASL’s Noida facility, TASL has been undertaking the manufacturing of a complete military radar, India’s first such assembly in the private sector. This is also one of India’s first Buy & Make(Indian) category projects within the Defense Acquisition Procedure.

TASL has successfully absorbed manufacturing ToT from Terma A/S, Denmark, its foreign technology partner, and localised majority of the parts for the radar system.

Going forward, TASL shall be supplying these radars for costal surveillance and will provide maintenance, long term obsolescence management to the Indian Navy for these radars.

About the radar: The Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR) with India specific modification is based on Terma’s Scanter 6002 radar. The Radar is a X-Band, 2D, fully Coherent, Pulse Compression Radar based on Solid State Transmitter technology with digital software-defined functionality and optimised to provide a high level of situational awareness on Naval platforms in all weather conditions. The Radar system excels at small target detections in high sea states. SSR seamless integrates with legacy and state of the art sensors & weapons, operates in a networked environment allowing the operator to detect, analyse and pass on the target data to appropriate countermeasure.

Main Features

X band, 2D, fully coherent, Pulse Compression radar system
High efficiency, Solid State Power Amplifier with Superheterodyne receiver
Powerful signal and data processing with excellent clutter cancellation & low false alarms
Low Transmitted Peak Power, Frequency Hopping, Interference Filtering, PRF stagger and Low antenna side lobes providing resilience to Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
Search, detection and automatic TWS (Track-While-Scan)
Stabilized Antenna pedestal (RSAP)
Multifunction Consoles (MFC) for display and operator controls Integration with legacy and state of the art onboard sensors and weapon system


Tata Advanced Systems is delivering this contract in partnership with M/s Indra Sistemas, S.A, Madrid, Spain who are the OEM of the LANZA 3D Air Surveillance Radar.

The Transfer of Technology (ToT) and work share arrangement under the terms of the contract call for Tata Advanced Systems to achieve a high level of indigenisation content exceeding 50% of the Contract value, in addition to gaining the ability to produce these state-of-the-art radar systems in India.

The LANZA 3D Air Surveillance Radar is a multi-scenario, multi-threat adaptive radar that combines major advances in planar array, solid state amplifiers and signal processing technology to achieve the ultimate in radar detection. This radar family has been highly successful across variants and inherent to its design are excellent performance against stealth protected jammers, enhanced detection in clutter, improved low level performance and tracking capability.