Commercial Programs

Tata Advanced Systems is a trust worthy supplier for the leading OEMs and Tier-1s across multiple commercial platforms. This is in recognition of our consistent performance in delivering large fuselage assemblies, complex metallic parts and long member composite structures.

We drove the shift from traditional titanium floor beams to composite floor beams for the Boeing 787 range and have delivered 30,000+ parts. We also fabricate Underwing and Overwing Components.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

We are contracted for the assembly of B737 Vertical Fins along with manufacturing of Forward Access Door, Main Landing Gear Door and Box.

Boeing 737/ 737 Max

We manufacture components and assemble the Uplock Box.

Boeing 777/ 777x

Flight critical Wing structural components of Aileron panels, Sharklet panels, and wing Trailing edge panels are part of our A320 offering. It is complimented with our high rate metal and sheet metal formed parts for mid and rear fuselage sections.

Airbus A320 Family

Critical leading edge wing components including Stiffeners, Longerons, Leading & Trailing Edge Panels, Front Spars, Joints, Straps and Out board flaps are our major contributions to the A350's global supply chain.

Airbus A350

Green aircraft delivery along with assembly of complete Airframe which includes full Fuselage, Doors, Wings, Control Surfaces- Aileron, Rudder, Flaps & Fins, and Electrical and Mechanical installations.

Pilatus PC-12

As the Global Single Source, we have assembled more than 140 cabins along with wire harnessing with 5000+ detail parts processed in-house.

Sikorsky S-92

Military Programs

We are proud to be a part of marquee programs such as the Boeing Apache AH-64 and the Lockheed Martin C130-J. We ensure that all defence-specific requirements are met and are committed to 100% delivery and quality even while working with Legacy programs that called for drawings conversion and special tooling needs.

We have partnered with Boeing on the Apache AH-64 for complete Fuselage assembly, Secondary Structure & Vertical Spar Box, in addition to the value-added services of managing a Global Supply Chain for aircraft's components.

Boeing AH-64 Apache

Sole source for manufacturing and assembly of aft crown and tail cone, and mission critical composite ramp skins.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

As a part of our long-term engagement with Boeing for P-8 platform our deliverables include tail cone, mechanical assembly, interiors, Power & machine cabinets, APU door fairings.

Boeing P-8 Poseidon

Large complex assemblies of C130J Super Hercules empennages, center wing boxes as well as design to build development of its composite Bulk fuel tanks.

Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules

Assemble the Upper and lower wing fairing, flaperon, flaperon seals, wing I and A

Lockheed Martin F-16

Manufacture and Supply of flight critical wing structural components along with air-to-air refueling pods for A400 Atlas programme.

Airbus A400M

Joint development and manufacture of Fin & Rudder assembly, Torsion box, centre fuselage and main landing gear doors for our indigenous light combat aircraft.

HAL Tejas (Light Combat Aircraft)

Aero-Engine Programs

Tata Advanced Systems' strategic partnerships with aero engine majors reflects our commitment in aircraft propulsions with focused capabilities in aero-engine metallics, aero-engine composites and its sub assembly requirements. Our established state-of-the-art Brilliant Factories compliment and cater to our customers' high rate demands.

CFM Leap Engines & GE NX engines

We manufacture high precision components covering complex Turbine and Compressor Casings, Stationary and Rotary Seals, and Bearing Housings, for the Next-Gen LEAP and GENx.

Rolls Royce Trent Engines

We are a part of Rolls Royce's qualified and approved supply chain, catering to the composite component requirements for more than ten engine platforms ranging from the BR-710 engines to advanced XWB engine family. This is in addition to the metallic component supply chain for tube assemblies and precision machined components & assembly.