Engineering and Technology

Global Aerospace Supply Chain today is not only looking for reliable partners for quality, schedule and cost but also a self-sustained ecosystem encompassing the engineering and technological requirements of a product life cycle. Tata Advanced Systems today is proud to be associated with Global Aerospace Majors in this front.


We have successfully industrialised legacy Aerostructure Programs via re-design, quality assurance and reverse engineering of 2D to full-scale MBD conversion. This has enabled our customers to become future ready. We have also re-engineered critical structures using Full Size Determinant Assembly (FSDA). This capability is unique to us and vital for our global customer base.


Our suite of engineering services include concept designing, detailed designing, design for manufacturing, engineering digitisation, Configuration Control, tool designing, industrialization readiness and supplier engineering support. In addition we provide value added services including global supply chain program management.


We have the intent and the resources to invest in the latest technology as well as develop a skilled workforce which will contribute in the growth of our partners. We provide high value-added product manufacturing and engineering services to leading OEMs and Tier-1 companies.


We are a young organisation with the average age at 28 years. Our Employment Development & Training Center focuses on training and re-training of our 4000+ Aerospace employees in global OEM standards, lean principles, and quality assurance. We balance the young workforce with senior resources from across the world who bring significant global experience.

Our Capabilities

The effective combination of skilled personnel, cutting edge technologies and robust production processes has equipped Tata Advanced Systems in proving its mettle in the global aerospace sector.


Working closely with a team of global experts, we have created a world class production system-SAKSHAM. It Is a set of standardized best practices to provide consistency throughout our factories. Our shops are built around the principles of lean and visual factory. All our Programs follow a robust gated program management methodology.



We have successfully executed the industrialization of complex aerostructures programs from a green field to production operations in twelve months. We continually strive towards rapid industrialisation and rate ramp up. We support some of our biggest customers at full single aisle rates.