Rakshak VTOL

TASL’s UAV Design and Production Centre based in Bangalore has developed a family of VTOL UAVs with multiple customers and applications. RAKSHAK a fully autonomous Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAV, takes off like a Quadcopter, transitions into fixed wing mode for long distance travel, lands back at a point like a Quadcopter. Tata VTOL UAVs are unmatched in terms of utility, especially in inhospitable terrains. VTOL platforms enable operations from difficult and restrictive terrains such as hilltops, ship decks and small clearings in jungles.

Endurance 80 to 120+ minutes
Range 15-50 km
Operational height 1,000m above ground level
Maximum Launch Altitude 1000m to 4000m AMSL
Launch & Recovery Autonomous vertical take-off and landing with multiple flight modes
Propulsion Electric motor
Operational footprint 2 operators with backpacks
Power source Non-spillable rechargeable batteries
Mission capability Fully autonomous
Payload EO Camera with 30x optical zoom IR Camera
Time to launch < 20 minutes
Payload EO Camera with 30x optical zoom IR Camera