Sky-I RPA is a fixed wing fully autonomous platform with long range and endurance capability. This platform can be hand launched for take-off and is equipped with a belly landing system.

Maximum Take off Weight < 10 kgs
Endurance 120 minutes upto 3000m AMSL
Range > 15 km
Operational height 100 m to 1,000 m AGL
Service ceiling 6,000 m AMSL
Cruise speed 60 kmph
Maximum continuous winds 10 - 15 knots
Launch Hand launch
Recovery Conventional belly landing
Propulsion Electric motor
Operational footprint 2 soldiers and a backpack
Power source Non-spillable rechargeable batteries
Mission capability Fully autonomous
Total weight of the system Approx. 25 kg in 2-3 backpacks
Time to launch < 20 minutes