Light Armoured Vehicles

Tata Advanced Systems has Light Armoured range of products include protected mobility solutions for movement of troops for the purpose of counter insurgency, surveillance, patrolling and combat operations in threat prone zones and border areas.

Tata Advanced Systems has conducted extensive trials in various terrains & extreme environments to ensure that the products are accepted by the Armed Forces. These products are in operations with various security forces across India.

The vehicles have high power to weight ratio with state of art technology for armored ballistic protection that offers security with high performance.

Armored Troop Carrier for Carrying troops THRU troubled areas

  • Top: Withstand direct hits of 5.56 mm INSAS, and 7.62 mm AK 47/56 rifles at
    a distance of 10 m at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • All Sides: Withstand direct hits of 5.56 INSAS and 7.62 mm AK 47/56 at a
    distance of 10 m at an angle of 90 degrees

  • Floor protection from two hand grenades ( 50 grams of TNT )

  • Troop Capacity : 8+ Commander + Driver
  • Suspended seats for Blast

  • Air Conditioning

  • Run Flat Tyres

Troops Carrier, Command Post & Ambulance
Air Conditioned
Tyres with Run flat inserts
Spacious interior with Firing ports on walls