Cyber Secure

Our cyber security services protect digital assets from modern-day cyber-attacks that can cause financial, operational and reputational damage to businesses. We utilize industry-standard assessment tools to find out and eliminate vulnerabilities in the security infrastructure of your organization. From offensive & defensive, infrastructure security to advisory and consulting services, we offer an extensive range of services across different industry verticals.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management plays a critical role in safeguarding businesses from ever-increasing cyber-attacks. It is the process of identifying, prioritizing, evaluating and remediating vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure. The goal of performing vulnerability management is to proactively find and fix security gaps that an attacker can exploit to trigger cyber-attacks and data breaches, causing damage to an organization’s intellectual property, networks, critical assets, etc.

Penetration Testing

Knowledge of security flaws in terms of vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them provides an insight to improve the organizational security framework. Backed by our talent pool of experienced ethical hackers, Tata Advanced Systems penetration testing service delivers real-time actionable results that empower the organization to have a real picture of its IT infrastructure and helps in strengthening the same.

Web & Mobile Application Testing

Attacks targeting mobile and web applications have significantly increased over the years and become one of the most popular attack vectors of cybercriminals. They leverage the hidden application code vulnerabilities to penetrate and steal sensitive information. Our cyber security experts perform a deep analysis of your web and mobile applications from an attacker’s point of view to determine security flaws and check resistance against complex threats such as DDoS, OWASP Top 10, brute force and zero-day attacks, and propose fixes to seal the gap with the help of leading industry tools and technology.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating a person’s mind to invade his privacy. It is one of the widely used techniques by cybercriminals to extract confidential information from the victim. This type of attack is completely based on human errors, rather than relying on software or system vulnerabilities, making them difficult to detect for any security device or tool. Our cyber security team utilizes advanced security solutions to detect suspicious user behaviour and safeguard your organization from cyber-attacks that involve human interaction.

Red/Blue/Purple Teaming Exercises

Red Teaming is a goal-based, full-scope attack simulation designed to determine how well the company’s resources can withstand an attack. The resources include people, internal and external networks, applications and physical security controls.

The Blue Team is similar to the Red Team as it also assesses the security posture of an organization and determines the potential attack vectors. But what makes a Blue Team different is that it follows a defensive approach to safeguard its assets to improve the defence systems against real-world attackers and Red Teams.

In Purple teaming exercise, red and blue teams work together to enhance the cyber capabilities of the organization through constant feedback and shared intelligence. It helps the organization’s security members to enrich the efficacy of vulnerability detection, threat hunting and network monitoring mechanisms through simulated attack scenarios.

Infrastructure Security Protection

Infrastructure security is a multi-disciplinary subject requiring various aptitude sets and information territories. Our experts perform an in-depth evaluation of an organization`s Information Technology Infrastructure to help identify potential security risks and key vulnerabilities. On-Prem & Cloud (Endpoint, Network, Web, Messaging, Application)

Advisory and Consulting

We, at Tata Advanced Systems, utilizes the expertise of our experienced security professionals to perform a thorough inspection of an organization`s entire IT infrastructure covering the people, process and technology looking for security weaknesses along the entire chain of an organization’s operation. Through proven methodologies and tools, our cyber security experts assess an organization’s security exposure to provide mitigation strategies and remediation actions.

Identity and Access Management

Nowadays, organizations are evolving to increase their accessibility to customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and employees across multiple channels, both physical & virtual (including mobile-based access, web access/cloud). They are deploying an ever-increasing number of applications, to address business needs such as role management, compliance and audit reporting, but are incompatible or inconsistent with existing security models & audit mechanisms, resulting in an increased risk of identity theft & unauthorized access. We offer advanced and reliable identity management solutions that are focused on provisioning, role-based access control, role management, access management, single sign-on and federated identity management.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged users represent significant risks to the security of an organization as they hold elevated permissions to critical corporate resources and data. This is why cybercriminals target such entities most as compared to non-privileged users. Our robust PAM solutions help organizations to securely manage the access and permissions for high-value users across the organization’s entire security perimeter.

Access Governance

Access Governance provides organizations with the ability to monitor and manage who has access to what level inside the organization. Factors like increasing regulations that require uncompromising adherence, and growing number and sophistication level of cyber-attacks have elevated the need for access governance among organizations globally.

Data Protection Program

Data protection program ensures suitable and legitimate utilization of corporate, confidential and sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. It incorporates how information is gathered, handled, kept, protected and discarded, independent of the organization and formats utilized. We provide management capabilities and granular controls over the complete lifecycle of data, identifying the existence, establishing ownership, accountability and relationship for data assets.

Zero Trust Security Architecture

Zero Trust security architecture is intended to prevent successful data breaches by eliminating the concept of trust from an organization’s network. It is based on the belief that anything, regardless of whether the requesting entity is an insider or outsider, trying to connect to the corporate resources/network must be verified before granting access. Our reliable and unparalleled Zero Trust model redefines security strategy and provides organizations with the ability to determine patterns in user behaviour and devices, and complete visibility across their corporate environment, including users, devices, networks, applications, etc.

IoT & OT Security

We possess a dedicated set of security services to help you protect your digital footprints amid the complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. Our advanced and proven security solutions are designed to safeguard critical industrial assets including systems and software installed across your OT and IoT environment.