IP based 24x7 Surveillance with Video Management and Analytics

(Fixed Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Dome Cameras, Vandal Proof Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Explosion Proof Cameras)

  • Coverage of Perimeter, Critical Sites, Buildings & gates
  • IP Based Cameras, Video Analytics
  • Real Time integration with Access Control & PIDS

Smart Perimeter Protection System

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (OFC, MEMS, Microphonic based systems)
  • Radar & Persistent Surveillance Systems
  • Microwave & IR Intrusion detection system
  • Smart lighting


Forced Entry Prevention

  • Crash rated ATB/Bollards integrated with VAB for Vehicular Movement Control
  • Access Controlled VAB and Turnstiles
  • Complete Gate Suite integrated with Access Control

Screening & Alerts

  • Baggage Scanners
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • PA System
  • Guard Tour System