Tata Advanced Systems provides integrated security solutions for protection of our airports, seaports and urban & national rail networks against any threat of terrorist attacks, sabotage or theft.


Perimeter Security

Provides detection and response capabilities that enable authorities to identify and halt threats before they are realised. We deploy surveillance and monitoring tools, integrated with Access Control solutions and physical obstacles, to create concentric security circles that support detection and containment of threats as far away as possible.

Terminal & Gate Complex Management

Ensures that people, goods, and materials entering and exiting a facility and its restricted areas are carefully monitored and controlled, as well as guaranteeing that information is tagged. Integrating data from various sensors and systems, our solutions manage the flow of masses entering and exiting a transportation hub, as well as restricted areas in different zones based on role or function.


Access Management

Provides a suite of software and hardware technology that enable facility operators to monitor and restrict access to different zones within transportation hubs based on role or function. Our access management offering integrates identity verification capabilities such as facial recognition , biometrics, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and Radio-Frequency identification (RFID) systems to generate intelligence that secures transportation hubs and restricted areas.

Public Services Announcement

Provides notifications about both emergencies and day-to-day operations to employees, passengers and visitors both on-site and off-site. Using smartphone applications, websites, text messages and more, our Public Services Management offering enables communication when information sharing is needed such as during an evacuation or during routine activities.