Urban Security

Tata Advanced Systems understands that our cities require sophisticated and robust surveillance to support urban law enforcement in identifying and preventing threats before they occur and minimising casualties and damage to property if they do materialise.

Our urban security platform supports multi-agency collaboration and information sharing, generating a comprehensive Unified Situational Awareness Picture (USAP) that empowers law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials to take effective and timely actions.

By utilising visual sensors equipped with advanced video analytics, dedicated CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) detectors, as well as data from participating citizens who deliver real-time information via tools such as smart phones, our solutions enables authorities to provide city residents with a safe and secure urban environment.


Urban Security Surveillance

Monitors and collects data on people, facilities and buildings in high-risk areas, while utilising privacy protection features such as anonymisation and selective archiving. By integrating information from visual and audio sensors with human intelligence from ‘citizens sensors’, data is corelated and displayed in an urban Command & Control that enables authorities to predict, prevent, prepare for, and manage threats to the security of a city and its residents.

Urban Security Intelligence

Consolidates information from any source-including sensors, the web, databases, reports and other systems to generate an urban intelligence Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP). The solution features an intuitive, easy-to-use investigation environment that clearly presents hidden links & relationships and applies a comprehensive set of analytical protocols, including link analysis, visualisation tools, geographical investigations, real-time situation pictures, complex rules-based mechanism, smart tagging of information and performance dashboards.


Urban Perimeter Security

Provides detection and response capabilities that enable authorities to identify and halt threats before they are realised. We deploy cameras, motion detectors, vibration sensors, anti-terror barriers and smart fences in a configuration that gives response units the necessary time and distance to stop intruders-even within the dense urban environment. Based on our unique Concept of Operations (CONOPS), we create concentric security circles that support detection and containment of threats as far as possible.