Life At Tata Advanced Systems Limited

We believe in cultivating an environment which is exciting and dynamic. We at Tata Advanced Systems, offer a world full of opportunities where you can go beyond today’s problems to find solutions for tomorrow


Private player in the Indian Aerospace and Defence industry

Make in India

Partners of Boeing and Lockheed Martin

One of the only two

companies in the world to develop a family of four operational UAVs


Single source of aero-structures for major international aerospace companies

Military Radar

India’s 1 st private sector Military Radar Production for the Ministry of Defence

Awards and Recognition

Trusted to Deliver
Excellence Award (2016)

Best International
Transition Award (2013)

Trusted to Deliver
Excellence Award (2016)

Best International
Transition Award (2013)

Boeing Supplier Appreciation
Award (2018)

Best Supplier Quality Award from HAL Accessories Division (2018)

Lockheed Martin Elite Supplier
Award (2017)

Best Performance Award from
HAL Engine Division (2017)

Partner in Growth Award from GE (2017)

Award for Efficient Plant
Transition from UTAS (2017)

Best Performance Award from ABB (2015)

Boeing Supplier Appreciation Award (2015)

Excellence in Performance Award
from Schlumberger (2013)

Excellence in Aerospace Award from SIATI (2012)

People and Culture

We have the best innovators & inventors available worldwide, fostering a
healthy culture for a stable and happy work environment.

We are spread over
People from over
are part of Tata Advanced Systems Team
Across the globe
centres at different locations

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a Culture of Acceptance



Happy Workforce


Women Empowerment

More Creativity and Ideas

Being True to Our Culture

Higher Productivity

Building a More Balanced World

At Tata Advanced Systems, we believe in the power of diversity. Every day, our people who come from diverse backgrounds and possess different abilities create value by contributing their unique viewpoints and perspectives to all aspects of the business. We achieve this by creating an environment that facilitates diversity and inclusion.

Our Diversity and Inclusion team strives to build a fair and supportive environment that facilitates people from varied backgrounds in pursuing a meaningful career.

Our workforce includes
of women employees
Multiple skill and career
for women

Gender Diversity Programs
and Initiatives

Flying Lessons

Designed on the analogy of a pilot managing a flight, these workshops are designed to raise aspiration levels of women as a way of maximizing their personal and professional potential. It helps them to build skills, weather challenges and become a resilient leader.

Xplore- Dive In Life

It is a leadership habit formation program aimed at frontline female employees. The curriculum is designed to help women develop a sense of legitimacy, entitlement for leadership and build skills to face challenges with resilience and optimism.

Take the Lead

Its objective is to develop an integrated approach to self development and identifying and understanding the internal and external challenges in a woman’s career. The workshop is intended to create future ready women leaders and enable them to develop specific skills for career growth.

Wings for Women Initiative

Female employees get the opportunity to join a 6 month immersive Management Development Program (MDP) in Aerospace and Infra Clusters.